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“To date this agency (the CFPB) has been the most accessible of any I’ve ever dealt with in this town,” Richard Hunt, head of the Consumer Bankers Association, said in an interview. “It’s not even close… I think Richard Cordray is learning that when he talks, we are listening.”

(“On Its First Birthday, Consumer Bureau Flexes Its Muscle” Bloomberg, July 19, 2012)

CBA in the News

American Banker, New CBA Chair Urges Fair Treatment of Overdraft Fees, Student Loans, 09.11.14

POLITICO, Apple Pay May Have Regulatory Costs, 09.11.14

NPR Marketplace, Overdraft Charges and Fees Aren't as Profitable as They Used to Be, 09.10.14

Desert News, Financially Failing - 4 Things Millennials are Bad At, 09.10.14

POLITICO, CBA Unveils Student Loan Push, 09.10.14, More Millennials say 'No' to Credit Cards, 09.09.14

POLITICO, And Speaking of Loans... 09.08.14

Credit Card Guide, 6 Tips Cut Bank Overdraft Confusion, 09.03.14

Wall Street Journal, Banking Apps Help Customers Avoid Costly Overdraft Fees, 09.03.14

Wall Street Journal, Banks' Fee Bonanza Dries Up, 09.02.14

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Media Appearances

4/14/2014 CNBC Video, Facebook's next move: Banking?
6/11/2013 NBC Nightly News, Banks Rack Up Big Overdraft Fees
 6/11/2013 CNBC Video, Concerns Over Bank Overdrafts

6/20/2012 Consumers Gain Access to Credit Card Complaints

6/14/2012 NBC Nightly News, "How to avoid banks' 'hidden fees and deceptive practices'"

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Members of the press who need assistance may contact: Tom Crosson,, (703) 869-1246.
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