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2014 Media Guide

Read CBA's 2014 Media Guide.

6/26/2012 CBA’s Pace Bradshaw discusses student lending with SunTrust’s Mark Smith

4/25/2012 CBA’s Counsel Dave Pommerehn Discusses Small Business Lending with HSBC’s Mark Luppi

2/9/2012 CBA's General Counsel Steve Zeisel Discusses CRA Issues with U.S. Bank's Lisa Glover

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CBA's Executive Blog:


10/28/2014 Worries Over Cyber Threats

10/10/2014 The Next Generation of Banking
4/14/2014 Facebook's next move: Banking?
6/11/2013 NBC Nightly News, Banks Rack Up Big Overdraft Fees

6/11/2013 CNBC Video, Concerns Over Bank Overdrafts

5/10/2013 American Banker, Are Banks Being Scapegoated Over Student Loans?

6/19/2012 CNBC Video, Consumers Gain Access to Credit Card Complaints

6/14/2012 NBC Nightly News, "How to avoid banks' 'hidden fees and deceptive practices'"

6/15/2012 NBC Today Show, Bank fees put consumers at financial risk

6/14/2012 NBC Nightly News, CBA President Richard Hunt speaks to Lisa Myers about bank disclosures


1/5/2012 Bloomberg Television, "CFPB Has Few Checks and Balances, Hunt Says

11/21/2011 New York Stock Exchange, "Consumer Bankers Association Rings the NYSE Closing Bell"

11/6/2011 ABC News, "Americans Cash Out of Major Banks"

11/4/2011 ABC News, "Bank Backlash: 'Move Your Money'"

11/2/2011 Today Show, "After Uproar, Bank of America Drops $5 Fee"

11/1/2011 NBC Nightly News, "Bank of America Drops Debit Card Fee"

10/29/2011 NBC Today Show, "Backlash Over Debit Card Fees"

10/8/2011 Nightly News, "Bank of America Modifying Debit Card Fees"

10/25/2011 Dan Rather Reports, "The Un-Banked"

10/17/2011 NBC Nightly News, "Divorcing Your Bank?"

10/2/2011 Fox and Friends Sunday, "Shareholders or Customers – Where Does A Bank's Allegiances Lie?"

9/30/3011 PBS News Hour, "Bank of America Adds Monthly Debit Card Fee, Risking Public Ire"

9/30/2011 NBC Nightly News, "BofA only the latest to charge debit card fee"

9/30/2011 Fox Business, "How Will New Debit Card Rules Impact You?"

9/12/2011 Fox Business, "Hunt: Banks Think Congress Went Too Far"



10/05/2011 The Takeaway, "Are Debit Card Fees for Customers Necessary?"

03/29/2013 Marketplace, Consumer watchdog bares it all; Banks complain