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2014 Media Guide

Read CBA's 2014 Media Guide.
CBA In The News

National Mortgage News, More Consumers Applying for Home Equity Lines of Credit, 03.27.15

Reverse Mortgage Daily, Consumer Demand Grows For Home Equity Lines of Credit, 03.26.15

Auto Finance News, A Shift in Consumer Behavior is Coming to Auto Finance, Industry Experts Say, 03.25.15

American Banker, CFPB's No. 2 Drops Big Hints on Changes for Auto Loans and Complaints, 03.25.15

CBInsight, Onsite: CBA LIVE 2015 The Consumer Agenda, 03.25.15

The Washington Times, Obama, Consumer Board to Announce New Regulations on Payday Lending, 03.25.15

Housingwire, CFPB: No Concrete Plans to Extend TRID, 03.25.15

Dodd-Frank Update, Live Coverage: Conference Turns Focus Onto Consumers, 03.24.15

POLITICO, CBA Dispatch, 03.24.15

Orlando Business Journal, SBA's 7(a) Loans Up, Regional Administrator Says at CBA LIVE Event, 03.24.15

Orlando Sentinel, Experts Warn of More Data Breaches in Lead Up to EMV Roll Out, 03.24.15

American Banker, Over Banker Objections, CFPB Invites More Detailed Complaints, 03.19.15

Wall Street Journal, Details of Consumers' Financial Complaints to Go Public, 03.19.15

The Hill, CFPB Will Take Consumer Complaints Public, 03.19.15

Lexology, Legislation Introduced to Modify CFPB Structure: Will It Gain Traction? 03.12.15

Fortune, Following Obama's Lead, Democrats Propose Bankruptcy Relief for Some Student Loans, 03.12.15

Auto Finance News, Latest CFPB Study Examines Arbitration Agreements, 03.11.15

American Banker, Why Banks Are Likely to Lose in Battle Over New CFPB Arbitration Rules, 03.10.15

Wall Street Journal, White House Studying New Bankruptcy Options for Student-Loan Borrowers, 03.10.15

Bloomberg, CFPB Finds Arbitration Harms Consumers in Study Presaging Rules, 03.10.15

Reuters, U.S. Consumer Watchdog Warns on Arbitration, Could Issue New Rules, 03.10.15

POLITICO, Morning Money FS: Banks Not Happy About Prospect of New Rules, 03.10.15

Washington Post, CFPB: Most Consumers Have No Idea Whether They're Subject to Arbitration Agreements, 03.10.15

Money Talk News, Is Apple Pay Safe? Fraudulent Activities Raise Questions, 03.10.15

Wall Street Journal, Apple Pay Stung by Low-Tech Fraudsters, 03.05.15

DS News, Neugebauer Introduces CFPB Reform Bill, 03.05.15, CFPB Reform Bill Introduced in House Designed to Pass Congress, 03.05.15

The M Report, Bill Introduced to Replace CFPB Director With Committee, 03.05.15, Will CFPB'S Director Be Replaced By Commission? 03.05.15

National Mortgage Professional Magazine, Bill to Revamp CFPB Gets Support From Banking Groups, 03.05.15

Credit Union Times, CFPB Commission Bill Introduced, 03.05.15

The Hill, OVERNIGHT FINANCE: Banking Chairman Eyes Fed Reform, 03.04.15

Automotive News, Lender groups want answers from the CFPB, 02.25.15

Consumer Affairs, The Federal Communications Commission's Other Controversial Move, 02.25.15

InfoZone, Missouri Joins in Opposition of Banking Industry to Weaken Federal Robocall Ban, 02.24.15

CFPB Monitor, Trade Groups Urge CFPB to Respond to AFSA Vehicle Sales Finance Study, 02.19.15

WardsAuto, Lenders Press Federal Agency to Admit Mistakes, 02.18.15

POLITICO, Financial Trades Fight Back, 02.13.15, NACHA's Same-Day ACH Proposal Gets Key Bank Support, 02.10.15

USA Today, Banks Want to Open Cellphones to Robocalls, 02.08.15

The Wall Street Journal, Lawsky Pushes for Strict Payday Loan Rules, 02.05.15

InsideARM, ARM Industry Trade Groups Join Many Others in TCPA Reform Letter to FCC, 02.03.15

CFPB Monitor, CFPB Seeks Information from Industry on Student Loan Modification Options, 02.02.15

Chronicle of Higher Education, Federal Agency Asks Banks for Straight Talk on Help for Student Loan Borrowers, 01.29.15

Financial Advisor Magazine, Banks Want Retailers to Pay More Costs of Cyberattacks, 01.26.15

Associations Now, Bankers Petition FCC on "Robocall" Rules; Advocacy Groups Oppose Change, 01.26.15

CU Today, Financial Trade Groups – We Have Plenty of Breach Regs, 01.25.15

Law360, Retailers Continue Push for Lower Debit Swipe Fees, 01.24.15

The Hill, Financial Groups Want Same Data Security Standards for Retailers, 01.23.15

Mobile Payments Today, Bankers Praise SCOTUS Decision to Let Interchange Ruling Stand, 01.21.15

The Hill, Supreme Court Passes on Debit Card Fees, 01.20.15

Reuters, U.S. Top Court Rejects Challenge to Debit Card 'Swipe Fees' Rules, 01.20.15

Associated Press, Supreme Court Won't Hear Dispute Over Debit Card Fees, 01.20.15

American Banker, Supreme Court Denies Retailers' Bid for Interchange Hearing, 01.20.15

Wall Street Journal, Supreme Court Rejects Retailers' Bid to Lower Debit-Card Fees, 01.20.15

American Banker, Bank Sector Can Finally Lower Its Shield After Durbin Ruling, 01.20.15, Cellphone Robocalls Coming Soon? 01.20.15

Inside Higher Ed, Questioning Debit Card Deals, 01.15.15

Talk Radio News Service, Helping Consumers Avoid Credit Pitfalls, 01.15.15

Wall Street Journal, Regulator Prods Colleges on Vetting Accounts Pitched to Students, 01.14.15

American Banker, CFPB's 'Scorecard' Could Alter Bank Bids with Schools, 01.14.15

Bloomberg, CFPB Asks Students, Schools, Banks For Scoop on Campus Financial Products, 01.14.15

POLITICO, CFPB Hopes Colleges Embrace Financial Institution Scorecard, 01.14.15

American Banker, Banks Make Headway with FCC on Phone Call Lawsuits, 01.13.15

Inside the CFPB, 'No-Action Letter' Proposal Won't Reduce Regulatory Uncertainty, 01.12.15

The Hill, Cellphones 'Under Attack' from Robocalls, Consumer Advocates Warn, 01.09.15

BankTech, 2015 Banking Regulatory Outlook, 01.07.15

The Hill, CBA Boosts Congressional Team to Perfect Dodd-Frank, 01.06.15

POLITICO, CBA Hires Three, 01.05.15

Salon, Elizabeth Warren's Quiet (But Huge) Win: Why Wall Street Lobbyists Really Hated Her "Cromnibus" Fight, 12.18.14

The Hill, Emboldened Wall Street Ready to Dismantle Dodd-Frank Financial Law, 12.17.14

Inside Higher Ed, College Credit Card Agreements Continue to Decline, 12.16.14, CFPB - Less Credit on Campus, 12.16.14

American Banker, CFPB Takes Aim at Prepaid, Debit Cards on College Campuses, 12.15.14

Associated Press, Memories of Financial Crisis Fading as Risks Rise, 12.15.14

POLITICO, Fallon Moves to Consumer Bankers Association, 12.10.14

American Banker, CFPB's Plan to Police In-House Debt Collections Has Banks on Edge, 12.08.14

American Banker, Banks Fear Crackdown on In-House Debt Collections, 12.04.14

Wall Street Journal, CFPB Official Speaks Loudly on Student Loans, 12.03.14

BISNOW, What You Don't Know about Richard Hunt, 12.03.14

BankInfoSecurity, Beyond EMV - Technology for Fighting Fraud, 11.18.14

Bloomberg, Banking Groups Urge Robust Oversight of Retailers to Help Prevent Cyberattacks, 11.17.14

POLITICO, With Prepaid Rule, CFPB Shows Its Hand on Overdrafts, 11.13.14

The Hill, Lack of Retail Regs Raises Risk of Hacking, 11.12.14

POLITICO, Banks Welcome Congress Back with Data Breach Letter, 11.12.14

InsideARM, Financial Services Groups to Congress – Retailers Inaccurate and Misleading on data Breaches, 11.12.14

InfoSecurity, US Banks Lobby for Retailers to Pick Up Breach Bill, 11.12.14

Bloomberg, U.S. Lags Behind G-7 in Bank Accounts as Poor Can't Build Assets, 11.11.14

BidnessETC, Banks vs. Retailers - The Cybersecurity Battle, 11.10.14

Financial Times, Banks Take on Retailers Over who Foots Cyber Attacks Bill, 11.09.14

Wall Street Journal, Student-Loan Servicers Urged to Offer More Flexibility, 11.06.14

Mortgage Originator News, Trade Groups Say CFPB Proposed HMDA Rule will Increase Costs, 11.05.14

American Banker, CFPB Faces Tricky Challenge in Finalizing HMDA Changes, 11.03.14

CFPB Monitor, Leading Industry Trade Groups Comment on HMDA/Reg. C Proposal, 11.03.14

Arkansas Business, Apple Pay CurrentC, Shake Up the Checkout, 11.03.14

Credit Union Magazine, Fewer Consumers are Late for an Important Date, 11.02.14

Fox Business Network, Countdown to the Closing Bell: Consumer Bankers Association CEO: We are Secure as We Can Be [VIDEO], 10.28.14

WKMG-TV, Online Banking, Apps Force Brick-and-Mortar Bank Branches to go High-Tech, 10.28.14

The Washington Post, As Customer Needs Change, Local Institutions are Banking on Technology, 10.27.14

WhiteHouse.Gov, The President's BuySecure Initiative - Protecting Americans from Credit Card Fraud and Identity, 10.22.14

The Hill, Top Association Lobbyists 2014: Richard Hunt, 10.22.14

American Banker, The Banking Lobby's Strategy to Put the CFPB in Check [VIDEO], 10.21.14, Why Feds Want EMV For Govt. Debit Cards, 10.20.14

BankInfoSecurity, What's the President's Influence on EMV? 10.21.14

Business Insider, Here's What Happened To Your Target Data That Was Hacked, 10.20.14

American Banker, Lenders Challenge Premise of CFPB's Student Loan Findings, 10.16.14

CBS Money Watch, Lack of Options Forces Some Grads Into Loan Defaults, 10.16.14

Associated Press, Private Student Loan Borrowers Can't Get Help, 10.16.14

Chronicle of Higher Education, As Complaints Over Private Student Loans Rise, Repayment Information Remains Scarce, 10.16.14

Huffington Post, Consumer Regulator Vows Action as Student Loan Borrowers Suffer, 10.16.14

Roll Call, Will All the GOP Lobbyists Please Stand Up? 10.14.14

CBS, The Next Generation of Banking [VIDEO], 10.10.14

Wall Street Journal, Regulator Says Consumers Unfairly Blocked From Checking Accounts, 10.08.14

American Banker, CFPB Looking at How Banks Use Credit Reports for Checking Accounts, 10.08.14

USA Today, Banks with the Most Branches, 10.05.14

Nerd Wallet, JPMorgan Chase Hackers Put Millions at Risk, So Take These Steps to Avoid Getting Burned, 10.03.14

Wall St. 24/7, Banks With the Most Branches, 10.03.14

CQ/Roll Call, GOP-Run Senate Would Press for Dodd-Frank Changes, 10.02.14

Crain's Cleveland Business, KeyBank Names Senior Vice President in its Corporate Responsibility Segment, 09.30.14

Law360, Wal-Mart Owns Stake in New Banking Partner Green Dot, 09.26.14

Talk Radio News Service, Pat on Back for Student Debt Collection, 09.25.14

McClatchy, Student Loan Defaults Drop Slightly, but Still High, 09.24.14

Automotive News, Auto Finance Growth Expected to Boost Car Sales into 2015, 09.24.14

Bloomberg, Industry Groups Assail CFPB Narrative Plan; Publication Could Harm Consumers, Banks, 09.23.14

IBTimes, Government 'YELP,' Courtesy of CFPB, Draws Business Outcry About Consumer Complaints Narratives, 09.23.14, CBA Comments on Proposed Addition of Consumer Narratives to the CFPB Complaint Portal, 09.23.14

American Banker, Where the CFPB Heads Next in Auto Lending Probe, 09.18.14

Reuters, U.S. Consumer Bureau Proposes Scrutiny of Non-Bank Auto Lenders, 09.17.14, Breaches Make Me Rethink My Debit Card Swiping Habits, 09.17.14

POLITICO, Auto Dealers Slam CFPB Report on Auto Lending Methodology, 09.17.14

POLITICO, CBA Announces New Board Leadership, 09.17.14

ImpreMedia, No Credit Card? Rethinking it, 09.17.14

Akron Beacon, Charter One Becomes First National Bank to Offer Refinancing of Federal Student Loans, 09.16.14

InTheCapital, CBA Launches Private Student Loan Site, 09.16.14

American Banker, New CBA Chair Urges Fair Treatment of Overdraft Fees, Student Loans, 09.11.14

POLITICO, Apple Pay May Have Regulatory Costs, 09.11.14

NPR Marketplace, Overdraft Charges and Fees Aren't as Profitable as They Used to Be, 09.10.14

Desert News, Financially Failing - 4 Things Millennials are Bad At, 09.10.14

POLITICO, CBA Unveils Student Loan Push, 09.10.14, More Millennials say 'No' to Credit Cards, 09.09.14

POLITICO, And Speaking of Loans... 09.08.14

Credit Card Guide, 6 Tips Cut Bank Overdraft Confusion, 09.03.14

Wall Street Journal, Banking Apps Help Customers Avoid Costly Overdraft Fees, 09.03.14

Wall Street Journal, Banks' Fee Bonanza Dries Up, 09.02.14

Washington Business Journal, Federal Consumer Protection Agency pushes UMd. to disclose Capital One Deal Details, 08.29.14

ABA Banking Journal, Quick Guide to Big Data Use and Opportunities, 08.29.14

Chalotte Observer, Risk and Compliance Specialists in High Demand at Banks, 08.29.14

Charlotte Observer, Risk and Compliance Specialists in High Demand at Banks, 08.29.14

Inside Higher Ed, Bank Lobby Hits Back at Campus Debit Card Warnings, 08.21.14

CFPB Monitor, ABA Continues to Oppose CFPB's Proposed Debt Collection Survey, 08.21.14

NewsMax, Data Breaches May Drive Consumers Back to Cash, 08.21.14

Credit Card News, Campus Cards Generate Big Rewards, but Not for Cardholders, 08.21.14

Inside Higher Ed, Bank Lobby Hits Back at Campus Debit Card Warnings, 08.21.14

BGov, Consumer Bankers Say CFPB 'Vague' In Its Worries about Bank-School Deals, 08.20.14

American Banker, Data Breaches May Drive Consumers Back to Cash, 08.20.14

ABA Banking Journal, Big Data Ought to Evolve Organically, Not by Regulation, 08.19.14

Columbus Business First, Bankers Defend College Relationships amid CFPB Inquiry, 08.19.14

Newsnet5, Banks Reluctant to Light up Relations with Cannabis Businesses, 08.19.14

American Banker, Banks Fight CFPB Claim That Campus Pacts Are Secretive, 08.18.14

POLITICO, Crapo Challenges Education Department on Campus Cards, 08.13.14

Next City, How Post Office Banking Could Help the Unbanked Without Congress, 08.06.14

American Banker, Branch Employees Often Give False Info about Overdraft Fees: Consumer Groups, 08.05.14, CFPB Weighs in (Again) on Overdraft-Protection Policies, 08.04.14

BusinessWeek, Are Overdraft Fees Really Just Loans Charging 17,000 Percent Interest? 08.01.14

Reuters, Overdraft Fees Risky for Consumers, Bonanza for U.S. Banks, 07.31.14

Bloomberg, Banks Face Hit From CFPB on $30 Billion in Overdraft Fees, 07.31.14

Bankrate, CFPB Concerned about Overdraft Fees, 07.31.14

Associated Press, Debit Overdraft Fees Often Exceed Cost of Purchase, 07.31.14

POLITICO, Senate Testimony - Banks Would Pull Out of Campuses under Proposed ED Rule, 07.31.14
POLITICO, Hearing Prep, 07.31.14

CFPB Monitor, Senate to Hold July 31 Hearing on Campus Financial Products, 07.28.14

Dodd-Frank Update, CFPB Proposes Dodd-Frank HMDA Rule, 07.26.14

Bloomberg, CFPB Seeks to Give Consumers A Voice, Proposes Narratives for Complaint Database, 07.16.14

American Banker, Battle Over Postal Banking Reignites, 07.16.14

Credit Union Times, Experts Debate USPS Financial Services, 07.16.14

Reuters, U.S. Consumer Watchdog Floats Publishing Customers' Banking Stories, 07.16.14

Wall Street Journal, CFPB Proposes Publishing Detailed Complaints Against Banks, 07.16.14

POLITICO, CFPB to Publish More Information on Consumer Complaints, 07.16.14

The Hill, Rise in Electronic Payments Sharpens Security Focus, 07.14.14

Charlotte Observer, After Citigroup settlement, All Eyes on Bank of America, 07.14.14

Bloomberg, Banking at Post Office Could Deliver Renewed Source of Revenue, Convenience, 07.07.14

U.S. News & World Report, OpEd by CBA CEO Richard Hunt: Why Postal Service Banking Is a Bad Idea, 07.07.14

Birmingham Business Journal, Why Birmingham Banks are Revving Up their Auto Lending, 07.04.14

CFPB Monitor, Industry Trade Groups Urge OMB Not to Approve CFPB Arbitration Telephone Survey, 07.02.14

American Banker, Regulators Issue New Guidelines on Home Equity Lines of Credit, 07.01.14

Motley Fool, Customers Should Approach eBay with Caution, 06.23.14

The Commercial Record, Webster Banker Named To CBA Board of Directors, 06.20.14

Dallas Business Journal, Comerica Bank's Michael Aust Named to Consumer Bankers Association Board, 06.20.14

Banker & Tradesman, Santander Banker Joins CBA Board of Directors, 06.20.14

POLITICO, Wall Street Sees Big Money in Student-Loan Defaults, 06.19.14

POLITICO, CBA Adds Three New Members to Board, 06.18.14

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Banks Find Golden Recruiting Talent in Retail, 06.18.14

Roll Call, A Different Type of Transition Team, 06.16.14

Birmingham Business Journal, Four Thoughts with Consumer Bankers Association CEO Richard Hunt, 06.12.14

NakedSecurity, P.F. Chang’s Investigates Possible Credit Card Breach, 06.11.14

POLITICO, Bankers’ Group Calls for Attention to 'Real Issue' of College Affordability, 06.11.14

Wall Street Journal, Letter to the Editor on Fair Value Accounting and Student Lending, 06.06.14

Sandusky Register, Breaches Spark Credit Card Caution, 06.07.14

Bloomberg, Senators Explore Relations Between Borrowers, Student Loan Servicers, 06.04.14

InsuranceNewsNet, CBA Submits Testimony to Senate Banking on Student Lending Market, 06.04.14, Merchants want to Take Debit-Card Fee Fight to US Supreme Court, 06.03.14

POLITICO, Retailers Want to Take Swipe Fee Case to Supreme Court, 06.02.14

Defense News, Commentary – Transdisciplinary Defense, 06.02.14

POLITICO, Wells Fargo Becomes Comfortable in D.C., 05.28.14

CFPB Monitor, CFPB Confirms Plans for Auto Finance Larger Participant Rule in Rulemaking Agenda, 05.27.14

Banker & Tradesman, Crowdfunding and the Banks, 05.25.14

Reverse Mortgage Daily, Consumer Financial Optimism Ticks Upward for Spring, 05.22.14
American Banker, Five Years Later, Banks Come to Terms with CARD Act, 05.22.14
POLITICO, First Look – Consumers Feel a Little Better, 05.22.14
Huffington Post, Sallie Mae Torments Faithful Student Borrowers after Co-Signers Die, 05.21.14, CFPB To Open Meetings To The Public, 05.21.14
Congressional Quarterly, An Approaching Exodus of Banking Panel Aides? 05.19.14
CFPB Monitor, ABA and CBA Express Concern that the CFPB’s Consumer Debt Collection Survey Falls Short, 05.19.14

Bloomberg, Banks Say Deals with Colleges Could End If U.S. Rule Adopted, 05.14.14
BankTech, 3 Keys to Making Payments More Secure, 05.13.14
BankInfoSecurity, FFIEC Cyber Assessments – What to Expect, 05.12.14

American Banker, CFPB Plan Would Let Banks Use Online Privacy Notices, 05.06.14

American Banker, OpEd by CBA General Counsel: Arbitration Is Fair and Efficient for Consumers, 05.06.14

International Business Times, Timeline of Target’s Data Breach and Aftermath, 05.06.14

McClatchy, Data Breach Still Haunts Target, Ultimate Cost Unknown, 05.06.14, Because We’re Happy, 05.05.14

CNN Money, Target Breach - How Things Stand, 05.05.14

MarketWatch, 10 Things Con Artists Won’t Tell You, 04.28.14, Are Consumers Bullish on Their Financial Futures? 04.28.14

Bank Info Security, CBA – Recovering Data Breach Costs, 04.28.14

POLITICO, First Look: Finance Optimism Index Drops, 04.24.14

POLITICO, CFPB Raises Concerns about ‘Auto-Default’ Student Loan Clauses, 04.22.14

McClatchy, Consumer Protection Agency Warns about Automatic Defaults on Private Student Loans, 04.21.14

Associated Press, Report Says Private Student Loan Lenders Increasingly Force Default when Cosigner Dies, 04.22.14

Reuters, Students Struggle When Loan Cosigners Die, Go Bankrupt – Watchdog, 04.22.14

American Banker
, CFPB Raises Red Flags on Auto-Defaults for Student Loans, 04.22.14

Inside Higher Ed, Default by Death, 04.22.14

Dallas Morning News, Growing Numbers of Consumers Embrace Mobile Banking, 04.18.14

CFO, Cyber Risk - Are Boards the New ‘Target?’ 04.18.14, CFPB Rule Change Will Keep Remittance Transfers Functional Worldwide Past July 2014, 04.16.14

The Title Report, Tom Ridge says Cybersecurity of Banking Data is a National Duty, 04.15.14

CNBC, Richard Hunt on Facebook Entering the Banking Space, 04.14.14

POLITICO, Lenders Want Direct CFPB Answer on Auto Loans, 04.14.14

BankInfoSecurity, Retailer Security Needs Oversight, 04.14.14

CNBC, Credit Card Fraud Jumps, So What's Being Done? 04.09.14
DelawareOnline, Discover, Dover Air Force Base and DelTech Earn Award, 04.09.14
Reverse Mortgage Daily, CFPB to Level Playing Field Between Banks and Non-Banks, 04.08.14

CFPB Monitor, OIG finds CFPB's supervision program needs improvement, 04.03.14, Panel of CFPB, OCC, and FTC Regulators Addresses Banker Questions, 04.03.14
Inside Mortgage Finance, Risk to Consumers is What Prioritizes CFPB Efforts, Some Lenders Figured That Out and Are Adapting, 04.03.14
MPA, CFPB not "one-sided," CFPB Claims, 04.03.14, CFPB’s Peggy Twohig Responds to Banks’ Supervisory Exam Frustrations, 04.02.12, Consumers Still Bummed about their Finances, 04.02.14
POLITICO, Officials: Scrutiny of auto loans a big priority for CFPB and Justice, 04.01.14
DailyFinance, Survey: As Shutdown Memories Fade, Financial Optimism Grows, 04.01.14
POLITICO, CBA Members Have Grim Outlook, 04.01.12
The Dodd Frank Update, CBA LIVE Coverage: No Rest for the CFPB, 04.01.14
FishbowlDC, Four Former US Presidents Highlight Consumer Bankers Association Conference, 04.01.14
POLITICO, Bankers Head to the Harbor, 03.31.14
POLITCO, Also Starting Today: CBA Conference, 03.31.13

CUInfoSecurity, Court Ruling: A Fraud Prevention Boost? 03.27.14
SC Magazine, Banks File Class-Action Against Target and Trustwave Over Massive Breach, 03.25.14
Dealer Outlook, Have Retailers Lost the “Swipe Fee” War? 03.25.14
LAW360, DC Circuit Oks Fed’s Limits on Debit Card Swipe Fees, 03.21.14
POLITICO, Ruling Lines up Possible Swipe Fee Fight at Supreme Court, 03.21.14

Associated Press
, U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Fed's Cap on 'Swipe' Fees, 03.21.14
American Banker, Appeals Court Upholds Fed Rule on Debit Interchange Fees, 03.21.14
Reuters, U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Fed's Debit Card 'Swipe Fee' Limits, 03.21.14
POLITICO, Appeals Court Sides with Fed on Swipe Fee Rule, 03.21.14
American Banker, 16 Lessons from Retail Banking 2014, 03.18.14

Mercury News, Data breaches: Retailers and Others Should Shoulder Some Costs, 03.13.14
Roll Call, Financial Industry Warily Looks to Tea Party Conservatives for Tax Support, 03.11.14
Review Journal, Banking Insider: U.S. Bank Tests Voice Biometrics to Replace Passwords, 03.10.14

MSN Money,
Will A Lost or Stolen Credit Card Hurt Your Scores? 03.03.2014

Los Angeles Times
, Regulator Urges Banks to Give Customers Free Monthly Credit Scores, 02.28.14

McClatchy, Consumer Bureau Urges Companies to Offer Free Credit Scores, 02.27.14

The Hill, CFPB Pushes Consumer Access to Credit Scores, 02.27.14

POLITICO, CFPB Urges Credit Card Companies to Provide Free Credit Scores, 02.28.14

POLITICO, Wall Street Threatens GOP on Bank Tax, 02.27.14

POLITICO, Trade Groups United in Opposition to Bank Tax, 02.27.14

Reuters, U.S. Consumer Watchdog Calls for Credit Scores on Card Statements, 02.27.14

Bankrate, Feds Let Banks Serve Pot Industry, 02.27.14

NakedSecurity, MasterCard Aims to Reduce Card Fraud with Smartphone Geo-Location Technology, 02.26.14

American Banker, Week’s Best Quotes, 02.26.14

The Hill, Trade Groups Oppose Fee on Large Banks in Camp Tax Plan, 02.26.14

Bloomberg, Banks Fight Revised U.S. Plan to Monitor Checking Overdraft Fees, 02.21.14

ABC News Radio, The Cost of the Massive Security Breach at Target, 02.20.14

American Banker, Do Banks Have a Future in Small-Dollar Credit? 02.19.14

Wall Street Journal, Inside Target, CEO Struggles to Regain Shoppers' Trust, 02.19.14

Bank Info Security, Suits Against Target Make 'Statement', 02.19.14

New York Daily News, Bank Workers Overseas Enjoy far Better Benefits than Employees in New York, 02.18.14

Associated Press, Cost of Target Data Breach for Banks Tops $200M, 02.18.14

Washington Post, Costs Related to Target’s Massive Data Breach, 02.18.14

FOX Business, Target Breach Costs Banks, Credit Unions More Than $200M, 02.18.14

The Hill, Target Hack Cost Banks Over $200M, 02.18.14

WTOP Radio, Banks and Security Breach Costs, 02.18.14

Talk Radio News Service, Data Breach Toll Exceeds $200 million…and Counting, 02.18.14

Credit Union Times, Target Breach: CUNA/CBA Member Costs Top $200M, 02.18.14

Wall Street Journal, Cost of Replacing Credit Cards After Target Breach Estimated at $200 Million, 02.18.14

National Journal, The Target Data Hack Cost Banks More Than $200 Million, 02.18.14

World Herald, Omaha Front and Center in High-Tech Fight to Safeguard Credit Info, 02.17.14

Boston Globe, Elizabeth Warren Sees Promise in Postal Service as Lender, 02.14.14
Washington Post, Cold Snap Continues for Retail Sales, 02.13.14
Associated Press, GAO Recommends Changes for Student Debit Cards, 02.13.14
POLITICO, Trade Associations Form Cybersecurity Partnership, 02.13.14
BankInfoSecurity, Target Breach: Cost to Banks, 02.12.14, Banks Feeling the Post-Breach Bite, 02.12.14
NBC News, Tightening Card Security, 02.11.14
The Hill, CBA/ICBA OpEd – Banks Pay Price for Retailers’ Data Breaches, 02.11.14
CNN Money, Timeline – Retail Cyberattacks Hit Millions, 02.11.14
Bank Credit News, CBA Revises Initial Cost of Target Data Breach to $172 million, 02.11.14, Credit Unions Estimate $30 Million Hit from Target Breach, 02.11.14
American Banker, Data Security, Regulation Weigh Heavily on Retail Bankers, 02.10.14
Associated Press, Target Data Hackers Might Have Used SMB Contractor in Breach, 02.10.14
Herald Tribune, Data Breaches Challenging Banks, 02.09.14
Associated Press, Vendor Confirms Link to Target Data Probe, 02.08.14

NPR, Post Office Could Rack Up Billions By Offering Money Services, 02.07.14
American Banker, Target Breach Cost to Banks: $172 Million -- and Counting, 02.06.14
Reuters, U.S. Regulator Calls for Better Data-breach Disclosures, 02.06.14, How to Apply for Credit With No Credit, 02.06.14, Bankers Balk as Postal Service Floats Plan for Payday Loans, Digital Currency, 02.06.14
POLITICO, Banks Urge Focus on Retailers’ Computer Systems, 02.05.14
The Hill, Democrats Say Struggling Post Office Branches Could Dabble in Banking, 02.05.14
Fox News, Pot, Bitcoins Cause Banking Dilemma, 02.04.14

POLITICO, Banks to Congress: There’s More Than One Way to Address Cyber Threats, 02.03.14

USA Today, Some Major Banks Will No Longer Offer Payday-like Advances, 02.02.14

The Fiscal Times, Business Groups Warn GOP to Drop Debt Ceiling Battle, 01.31.14

MPR News, Report: 15M cards replaced over Target breach, 01.29.14, Issuer Costs Rising In Target Breach’s Aftermath, 01.30.14

Law360, Chase, BofA Replace 15.3M Cards After Target Breach, 01.28.14

American Banker, Post Office Offering Loans is 'Worst Idea Since the Edsel': Banks, 01.27.14

The Washington Post, D.C. Area Appointments, 01.27.14

The Hill, Judges Thrust Into Debit-Card War, 01.20.14, Appeals Court Now Mulling Debit-Rate Decision, 01.20.14
Wall Street Journal, Major Banks Eliminate Short-Term Loans Amid Regulatory Scrutiny, 01.17.14
POLITICO, Judges Question Retailers’ Swipe Fee Argument, 01.17.14

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