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CBA In The News: 2012 Archive


CFPB SHOWDOWN TO COME, Politico Morning Money, 12.12.12

IBERIABANK Execs Shares His Secrets for Making Loans, American Banker, 12.11.12

New Year's Resolution for CBA Chair: Work with the CFPB, American Banker, 12.10.12

As CFPB Studies Arbitration, Lobbying Intensifies, American Banker, 12.10.12

Warren tapped for Senate Banking panel, The Hill, 12.04.12

Bankers on Warren: What, us worry? Politico Pro, 12.04.12

FCC Ruling Permits Confirmation Text Messages for ‘Opt-Out’ Customers, JD Supra, 12.03.12

FCC Gives Marketers Cover from Text-Message Claims, The Blog of Legal Times, 11.30.12

Props for Cordray, Politico Morning Money, 11.28.12

Food Recovery Network Feeds Hungry Americans with Surplus Food, PR Web, 11.28.12

Consumer Bureau to Revise Money-Transfer Rules Faulted by Banks, Bloomberg News, 11.27.12

U.S. Consumer Regulator to Delay, Change Wire-Transfer Rule, Dow Jones, 11.27.12

CFPB will change wire transfer rule, Politico, 11.27.12

Banking Groups Reiterate Opposition to CFPB Generic Clearance Request, Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 11.27.12

Warren Gets Key Support For Senate Banking Spot, Politico Morning Money, 11.14.12

Trade groups continue to oppose generic clearance of CFPB compliance cost information collection plans, JD Supra, 11.13.12

CBA Seeks Nominees For Joe Belew Award, Mortgage Orb, 11.12.12

K Street Fundraising For Sandy Victims, National Journal Influence Alley, 11.12.12

Small banks mobilize Congress on capital rules, Politico, 11.09.12

Elizabeth Warren II: She’s Baaaaaack as a U.S. Senator, Bloomberg, 11.08.12

Five Post-Election Questions on Bank Policy, American Banker, 11.07.12

Banking groups shrug at Obama victory, Politico Pro Finance, 11.07.12

Wall St. ready to reconcile with Obama, The Hill, 11.07.12

Election night victory cements Obama’s first-term legislative legacy, The Hill, 11.07.12


The Hill's 2012 Top Lobbyists, The Hill, 10.31.12

Online database lets consumers air complaints, Chicago Tribune, 10.27.12

Student loans threaten a generation with 'debtors' prison,' some say,, 10.26.12
Also appeared in CollegeAdvisingCorps, Tennessean

Banks Complain to Consumer Watchdog About Money-Transfer Rule, Dow Jones, 10.18.12

Food Recovery Network Selected to Compete in 2012 Continuity Forum, PR Web, 10.16.12

Online database lets consumers air complaints against credit card firms, Chicago Tribune, 10.14.12
Also appeared in ArcaMax,,

Swipe Cap Hearing in D.C. Court, Credit Union Times, 10.14.12

How Wall Street made Paul Ryan, Politico, 10.12.12
Also appeared in BusinessInsider,,,

CBA Elects IBERIABANK Exec as Chairman for 2013, American Banker, 10.11.12

CBA ANNOUNCES NEW LEADERSHIP FOR 2013, Politico Influence, 10.11.12

Bank of the West's Andy Harmening named to CBA leadership, RV Daily Report, 10.11.12

When Student Loans Are Sold: What Borrowers Should Know, Fox Business, 10.10.12
Also appeared in Rocket News

CBA - Consumer Bankers Association: CBA Names Kottler and Harmening to 2013 Leadership, 4-Traders, 10.10.12

Bankers on swipe fees: Fool me once … Politico Pro, 10.05.12

Let's Establish Professional Standards for Bankers, American Banker, 10.05.12

Women at 3 Ohio banks named among industry's most powerful, Columbus Business First, 10.02.12

Judge Questions Intent, Impact of Durbin Interchange Rule, American Banker, 10.02.12

Cam Fine is tweeting mad, Politico Pro, 10.05.12

Financial Industry Coalition Presents Oral Argument in Retailers' Lawsuit Against Federal Reserve Trade associations demonstrate that flawed Fed price controls provide retailers with massive windfall at the expense of consumers and financial institutions of all sizes, CNBC, 10.02.12
Also appeared on Alpha Trade, BusinessWire, HeraldOnline,, Reuters, Street Insider, Zecco

For Your Radar: At the one-year anniversary of the Durbin Amendment, Politico Morning Money, 10.01.12

Wall Street braces for an Obama win, Politico, 09.27.12

House Financial Services facing rocky road ahead? Politico, 09.27.12

The Big Banks Say They Are Meeting Their Lending Commitment, New York Times: The Art of Running a Small Business, 09.25.12

You’re the Boss Blog: The Big Banks Say They Are Meeting Their Lending Commitment, First Business News, 09.25.12

Thank the Banks! (What?): Banks are Helping Franchising Win the Competition For Credit, Franchise Update, 09.24.12

CBA - Consumer Bankers Association: Banks on Track to Reach 3 Year Small Business Lending Goal,, 09.24.12

Trade Groups Push CFPB For Broad QM Definition, MortgageOrb, 09.17.12

CEO of retail banking group describes the turnaround, CEO Update, 09.07.12

Lobbying, sales strategies boost membership efforts, CEO Update, 09.07.12

Why Are the Big Banks Suddenly Afraid? New York Times Economix Blog, 08.30.12

A call to Washington, The Green Sheet, 08.27.12

Brookline's Corrina Roche Cross part of award-winning Chain Reaction team,, 08.26.12

Bankers No Longer Feel So Welcome at Political Conventions, American Banker, 08.24.12

Student Loan Disclosure Bills Seek To Prevent Heavy Debt Burdens, Huffington Post, 08.24.12

Durbin touts new bills to regulate private student loans, Chicago Public Media, 08.20.12

Teenager's Invention Saves Fuel for School Buses, Scientific American, 08.15.12

5 major pros and cons of credit unions,, 08.13.12
Also appeared on FoxBusiness

TRANSITIONS: NEW FACES AT CBA, Politico Morning Money, 08.07.12

BANKERS GROUP ANNOUNCES NEW HIRES, Politico Influence, 08.07.12

CBA - Consumer Bankers Association: Consumer Bankers Association Announces New Team Members, 4-Traders, 08.07.12

Small Banks Ask Break From Agency They Hoped Would Hurt BofA, Bloomberg, 08.02.12

CBA and Ashoka Announce 'Banking on Youth' Competition Finalists, Marketwatch, 07.29.12
Also appeared on,, NASDAQ

At CFPB Hearing, an Urge for Caution on Mortgage Rules,, 07.25.12

Consumer Bureau Bashed By Banking Insiders, Cato Analyst, Huffington Post, 07.25.12

Compliance dollars better spent on members, CUNA News Now, 07.25.12

HOUSE CFPB HEARING PREVIEW, Politico Morning Money, 07.24.12

CFPB Says Students Were Victimized by ‘Subprime-Style’ Lending, Bloomberg, 07.20.12

CBA - Consumer Bankers Association : CBA Comments on CFPB Study on Private Student Loan Market, 4-traders, 07.20.12

Private Student Loan Study By Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Finds Parallels To Housing Market, Huffington Post, 07.20.12

Assessing Damage of Private Loans, Inside Higher Education, 07.20.12

Franchising's $2 Billion Lending Gap, and a New Plan to Fill It, Forbes, 07.19.12

On Its First Birthday, Consumer Bureau Flexes Its Muscle, Bloomberg, 07.19.12

The Visa-MC Settlement: Who Gets What, and Who Really Won?, 07.18.12

We Won' vs. 'You Lost': Reactions to Credit Card Settlement, American Banker, 07.16.12

M&T Bank Awards Young Entrepreneurs through National Competition,, 07.16.12
Also appeared on PR Web

Hamilton Financial Index Shows Industry Strength 22 Percent Higher than Historic Norm, Reuters, 07.13.12
Also appeared on, MarketWatch,, Philadelphia Business Journal, Sacramento Bee

Strange Bedfellows Unite Against Antiquated ATM Signage Rule, American Banker, 07.12.12

How Specter of Regulatory Capture Shaped CFPB's First Year, American Banker, 07.09.12

Retail banks increasing their mobile investments, ABA Banking Journal, 07.02.12

Credit Card Banks Complain About Consumer Complaint Database, DailyFinance, 06.27.12

Banks to invest more in mobile, Dayton Daily News, 06.25.12

Mobile Banking Spend on the Rise, Banktech, 06.22.12

Retail Banks Increasing Mobile Investment,, 06.21.12

CFPB Puts Database of Consumer Complaints Online,, 06.21.12

Consumers Gain Access to Credit Card Complaints (video), CNBC Closing Bell, 06.19.12

Head of Consumer Banking Group Gets New Title, American Banker, 06.19.12

U.S. watchdog puts credit card complaints online, Reuters, 06.19.12

Simpler U.S. Mortgage Forms May Include New Cost Formula, Business Week, 06.18.12

CFPB launches complaint database, The Washington Post, 06.18.12

Major Banks Largest Source of Consumer Bureau Complaints, Bloomberg, 06.18.12

"Report: Bank fees put consumers at financial risk" (video), NBC Today Show, 06.15.12

Protecting Us in Secret, The Wall Street Journal, 06.15.12

“How to avoid banks' 'hidden fees and deceptive practices'” (video), NBC Nightly News, 06.14.12

Blog post: How to avoid banks' 'hidden fees and deceptive practices', MSNBC blog, 06.14.12

Funding Opportunities: National Service & Youth Leadership, Common Ground Consulting, 06.11.12

“Banker, retailer fee feud is far from over”, The Hill, 06.10 2012

As student loan debt hits $1 trillion mark, many struggle with payments, "Everything Alabama,", 06.04.12

Bankers Urge 3rd Circ. To Limit Mortgage Rescission Suits,, 06.04.12

BIG GULP BACKLASH, Politico Morning Money, 06.01.12

Starting a franchise takes enterprise, The Detroit News, 05.31.12

Building a Better Banker, Wall Street Journal, 05.29.12

Banking on Youth Competition Deadline June 10, Back to Basics Learning Dynamic News, 05.29.12

The Digital Sales Inflection Point: Online Sales Surpass Branch In The US, Forrester blogs, 05.24.12

HAPPY GRADUATION BANKERS, Politico Morning Money, 05.24.12

M&T Bank Seeks Young Entrepreneurs, Digital Journal, 05.18.12

Business contest seeks youth entrepreneurs, The Charleston Gazette, 05.18.12

JPMorgan: When Will We Learn? The Street, 05.15.12

Young Social Change Entrepreneurs Invited to Enter Banking on Youth Competition, Philanthropy News Digest, 05.12.12

US May Regulate Mortgage Lending Fees, Wall Street Journal, 05.10.12

Street Talk: Lobbyists Focus On Tea Leaves, RollCall, 05.07.12

Death doesn't necessarily save you from student loan repayment, Deseret News, 05.02.12

'Flood the Hill' Effort Sees Insurer Groups, Others Team Up for NFIP Extension, Property Casualty 360, 05.01.12

Trade Groups Urge CFPB For Clarity On QM Standards, Mortgage Orb, 04.30.12

Should Debt Outlive a Student, Inside Higher Ed, 04.27.12

Student-Loan Debate Cuts Both Ways for Financial Industry, National Journal, 04.26.12

TD Bank announces new choice checking suite,, 04.25.12

Student Loans: Your 5-Step Plan to Pay Them Off, Daily Finance, 04.23.12

Private Student Loans, New York Times Letter to the Editor, 04.16.12

Consumer Bankers Association President Richard Hunt emails, Politico Morning Money, 04.12.12

SideswipedAmerican Banker, 04.01.12  

Fair Lending Concerns Remain Front and Center for Bankers, American Banker03.30.12

Prepaid Cards Set Good Example for Simpler Disclosures, Bank Think, 03.28.12

Geithner Hedges Bet on Durbin Student Loan Bill, American Banker, 03.28.12

How to win over F&I managers: Bankers weigh in, Automotive News, 03.28.12

Captive lenders foster dealer, brand loyalty, Automotive News, 03.28.12

‘Bundling,' ‘packing' may draw whistles on regulatory gridiron, Automotive News, 03.28.12

Durbin, Banks Tangle Over Private Student Loans, American Banker, 03.26.12

Trying to Stay Above Politics: A Conversation with Richard Cordray, American Banker, 03.26.12

Regulation to mobile payments - a well done CBALive 2012, Equifax blog, 03.26.12

CFPB: U.S. Student Loan Debt Reaches $1 Trillion, eCreditDaily, 03.24.12

Two opposite numbers come together for mutual benefit, CEO Update, 03.23.12
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Student Lending Market 'Too Big to Fail': CFPB Official, American Banker, 03.22.12

Student Loan Debt Hits $1 Trillion, Deemed 'Too Big To Fail' By One Federal Agency, Huffington Post, 03.22.12

Banker Bracketology, American Banker, 03.22.12

Second Curve's Brown on U.S. Retail Banks (video), The Washington Post with Bloomberg, 03.22.12

CFPB Details Growing Danger of Rising Student Debt, Firedoglake, 03.21.12


Student-Loan Debt Tops $1 Trillion, The Wall Street Journal, 03.21.12

Cordray Says Banks Should Use ‘Simple’ Terms With Customers, Bloomberg by Carter Dougherty, 03.21.12

BERNAKE WINS BANKER MARCH MADNESS, Politico Morning Money, 03.21.12

CBA Brings Louisiana Flare, Politico Influence, 03.20.12

CBA EVENT, Politico Morning Money, 03.20.12

CBA and Financial Trades Coalition File Amicus Brief in Retailers’ Lawsuit Against Federal Reserve
, United States DIstrict Court, 03.15.12

, Politico Morning Money, 02.28.12

Hamilton Financial Index Shows Financial Services Industry Safer and Stronger, Marketwatch, 02.28.12

Financial Services Industry ‘Safer, Sounder’: Hamilton Financial Index, AdvisorOne, 02.28.12

CFPB Budget to Increase 32% in 2013, American Banker, 02.13.12

Consumer Bankers Association Moves to Nation's Capitol, SubPrime Auto Finance News, 02.13.12

Wall Street turns wrath — and cash — on Obama, Politico02.12.12

Financial lobby stuck in holding pattern, Politico, 02.12.12

CBA MOVES INTO DC, Politico Morning Money, 02.08.12

Another Historic Moment in Regulatory History, The Reverse Review, 02.08.12

Consumer Bankers to get 20005 ZIP, Politico Influence, 02.07.12

Days After SOTU Are Full of Lobbyist Feedback, Roll Call, 01.26.12

Consumer Bureau Mulling Rule Exemptions for Smaller Banks, Bloomberg01.24.12

Housing, CFPB Vie for Attention in State of the Union, American Banker01.23.12

Occupy Wall Street? No, divest from it., Christian Science Monitor01.17.12

Consumer chief Cordray dialing up bank CEOs, Reuters01.12.12

CFPB Has Few Checks and Balances, Hunt Says, Bloomberg Television01.05.12

Cordray says politics won't distract consumer cop, Reuters, 01.05.12

Cordray’s Ascent Expands U.S. Consumer Bureau’s Reach to Non-Bank Firms, Bloomberg01.05.12

Obama Reelection Strategy Seen in Cordray Appointment, National Journal01.04.12

Obama's consumer bureau appointment raises political, legal stakes, Government Executive, 01.04.12