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Small Business Lending

The CBA/IFA Franchise Small Business Lending Accelerator

Small-business lending is a top priority for CBA and its member banks, and our small-business agenda is shaped and executed by our Small Business Banking Committee - made up of the lead small business lenders in the country. All committee members share in the commitment to jumpstart growth in the small-business lending environment.

Since the economic downturn in late 2008, the media have often inaccurately portrayed banks as hoarding cash, cutting off small-business lending and turning their backs on loyal customers. This misperception ignores the simple fact that banks are in the business of lending. Banks want to make as many good loans as they can, but continued economic uncertainty has hit the bottom line of many small businesses and led to what may appear as tighter lending standards.

CBA strongly believes small businesses are the lifeblood of the US economy and we remain committed to improving the small-business lending environment and process through pro-business legislation and regulation. We also remain committed to exploring innovative ways to address the needs of lenders and borrowers alike.

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