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List of CBA Committees

CBA Committees

The Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) is a member driven organization. CBA's 10 standing committees and several working groups include the top executives from our member banks with expertise in each segment of retail banking. Our committees guide our mission and serve as the foundation for every CBA program from advocacy efforts to our annual conference, CBA LIVE. In this rapidly changing environment, CBA stays up to speed on the top retail banking issues by updating the priorities of its committees and creating subcommittees and working groups as particular issues arise.

  Automobile Finance Committee. The efforts of CBA's Automobile Finance Committee provide the industry with the only comprehensive forum on indirect lending, floor planning, leasing and non-prime lending. The group keeps abreast of industry developments and trends as they relate to auto financing such as market dynamics, consumer contracts, lender-dealer relationships, sales/dealer operations and risk management practices.  The committee also meets with regulators and lawmakers, in addition to monitoring regulatory and legislative developments.
CFPB Committee. The CBA CFPB Committee will be the primary contact point at CBA for CFPB issues. Although the majority of issues within the purview of CFPB are not themselves new, they will be regulated by a new agency, with new leadership and staff, both legal and compliance. Additional areas of regulation, such as "abusive" acts and practices, new disclosures for real estate-secured products, and new complaint systems, will create other areas of concern for CBA members. The CFPB Committee's Mission will be to anticipate and get ahead of problems that arise, and respond to new issues rapidly and constructively.
Community Reinvestment Committee. The Community Reinvestment Committee ensures CBA is the acknowledged industry leader in community reinvestment policy, affordable lending, and community and economic development. CBA recently testified during an inter-agency joint public hearing on the CRA to provide much-needed industry perspective.
Default Management Committee. Collections and recovery are critical components of consumer banking. CBA's Default Management Committee maintains a special focus on the unique needs of collections officers as they discuss best practices for minimizing losses and keeping customers in their homes as loan delinquencies and defaults increase.
Deposits & Payments Committee. Deposit growth and strategies have always been a core focus of retail banks. CBA's Consumer Deposits Committee addresses the issues and challenges facing retail banks in the management of the deposits function.
Digital Channels Committee. The newest of CBA's standing committees, the Digital Channels Committee, will focus on mobile payments, social media and related issues. The mission of the committee is to provide a forum to discuss challenges and share best practices and identify current and future issues to be subject to regulatory/legislative action.
Education Funding Committee. Recently we have seen fundamental changes in the student loan marketplace resulting from new legislation eliminating private sector lenders from federal student loans and imposing new regulations on all other forms of education financing. The Committee is also monitoring actions at the CFPB and working with the Bureau which has become very engaged on private student lending and related issues. Representing major student lenders, the Education Funding Committee is the public policy voice for private-sector providers of loans to students and families for higher education.
Fair and Responsible Banking Committee. Fair lending is an increasingly complex area of compliance and has become even more challenging with the crisis in subprime mortgage lending and the credit crunch. CBA's Fair and Responsible Banking Committee continues working to ensure strong and effective consumer protections that remain manageable for compliance operations.
Home Equity Lending Committee. CBA's Home Equity Lending Committee is the industry's only forum focused on the business aspects and compliance issues of mortgage secured loans and lines of credit. In addition to educating regulators and lawmakers on the many facets of home equity lending, the committee monitors regulatory and legislative action and keeps members informed with regular updates.
Small Business Banking Committee. As the banking industry sees growth opportunities in the small business market, CBA's Small Business Banking Committee focuses on helping CBA members develop a retail banking strategy to achieve the potential of the small business market and encourage bankers to plan for growth as the economy continues to recover. The committee meets regularly with congressional and regulatory leadership and, on occasion, testifies on behalf of the small business lenders to provide industry perspective.